University of Oulu joins FAME Ecosystem

University of Oulu has joined the FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem), marking a significant step towards fostering collaboration between academia and industry.

“The production sectors often face the challenge of merging the RDI activities of universities and industry to support the international cutting-edge research and to create domestic commercial breakthroughs. In this context, the FAME ecosystem opens up new possibilities by taking industry representatives to the same table to discuss with researchers about a common domestic strategy to strengthen the research and competitiveness,” says Research Director Antti Järvenpää from the University of Oulu (FMT).

Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) is a multi-disciplinary research group that works as a part of the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute. The group’s operation focuses on transferring the best properties of metallic materials, especially steels, as superior factors in final products, using cost-effective production methods. The research areas cover various topics in advanced manufacturing technologies from the efficient utilization of special steels to cost-effective production automation and additive manufacturing.

The main laboratory facilities of the FMT group are located in ELME Studio, Nivala, serving as a hub for advanced manufacturing technologies. A part of the group also works at the university’s main campus in Oulu.

“The collaboration between industry and research organizations is an integral part of FAME to explore and develop new areas of additive manufacturing. FMT research group of Oulu University has extensive knowledge and experimental facilities on metallic materials and additive manufacturing research, and because of that it is great to get FMT as a part of FAME,” says Senior Ecosystem Lead Sini Metsä-Kortelainen.