TAMK joins FAME Ecosystem

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) joins FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem). TAMK promotes the introduction of new technologies and innovations.

“TAMK is joining FAME to increase the impact of research-based excellence in additive manufacturing in Finland while targeting areas such as printing process, industrial quality, industrial data, robotics, sustainability, and design. TAMK also promotes education of the additive manufacturing for undergraduates and companies. TAMK’s excellence lies in FieldLab – a work-life driven research laboratory focusing on applied research with up-to-date devices and software capabilities to perform multiple tasks in the area”, says Project Manager Tero Haapakoski from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

TAMK FieldLab is an experiment and learning environment that enables experiments according to Industry 4.0. TAMK offers its learning environment and infrastructure for business and entrepreneur development cooperation to promote innovations and their commercialization.

“In FAME Ecosystem, TAMK expects to share and gain information in an ecosystem of top universities and industry representatives, co-create and solve challenging use cases with companies, join national and international research projects and contribute towards the future of the industry”, continues Haapakoski.

“It is great to have TAMK join the FAME Ecosystem, as we really need tight cooperation and interaction between education and research and companies in order to speed up the utilization of additive manufacturing in the industry,” says Senior Ecosystem Lead Sini Metsä-Kortelainen.