Independent material testing and research laboratory Metlab joins FAME Ecosystem

Metlab is an accredited and independent material testing and research laboratory. With over 30 years of experience Metlab is a pioneer of material testing and serving both in Finland and internationally.  

Additive Manufacturing requires an accurate examination for properties of components and products, and characterization of raw materials. Metlab offers for example mechanical testing, chemical composition analyses, microstructural and metallographic analyses, and characterization of raw materials such as metal powders. Examination is tailored regarding specialities of AM products.

Background of Metlab’s expertise is in metallurgy and metallic materials. However, Metlab is no longer just a metal laboratory, from which the name Metlab comes, but it is a large-scale material testing and research laboratory. For example, Metlab has widened research facilities to cover tensile tests for plastic welds and polymer materials.

Metlab’s slogan “More from materials” describes the results and interpretations Metlab produces related to materials. The basis of operation is that the customers get more out of their products, which aims to material efficiency, prolonged lifetime of products and/or sustainable material design. 

Metlab’s operating principle is flexible and customer-oriented service. Goal is to help customers succeed by participating in their product development and ensuring that their products meet the latest standards and requirements.

“Additive manufacturing is highly emerging and very interesting technology. New materials and design of components creates needs for material research. We can characterize and test materials from raw materials to entire products. In collaboration with customer’s R&D, we can help to create higher-quality products that give an edge over competitors,” says Jouni Ahlstedt, CEO at Metlab Oy.

”It is great to have more expertise in material testing in the FAME Ecosystem. When it comes to validation and certification of additive manufacturing processes and end parts, the testing plays a big part and therefore it is essential. Metlab strengthens further the already strong testing, validation and certification expertise in FAME,” says Ecosystem Lead Eetu Holstein from DIMECC Ltd.

Metlab has new premises at Tampere (Finland), wide selection of research methods, modern testing equipment, and experienced personnel. Metlab is a reliable partner for FAME member companies in testing AM materials or products. 

*Accreditation by FINAS: T027, SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025