Mectalent Oy joins FAME ecosystem

Mectalent is a well-known partner in precision mechanics manufacturing and in demanding product and equipment design services. Established in 1982, operational cornerstones of Mectalent have been deep understanding of customer needs and strong expertise in variety of modern technologies. The company’s work is based on the certified quality systems ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and offering ranges from early phase start-up product concepting to design, production, and testing of fully automated industrial systems.

“At Mectalent, we have been following the development of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for several years. While the big breakthrough in our field of manufacturing industry still awaits, we are now in the very edge of opening interesting new opportunities with AM – especially when applying hybrid technologies in advanced part designs. Also, development of AM materials has been strong in the recent years, and it makes the application possibilities even more fascinating,” says Mikko Leivo, Director of Technology Development at Mectalent. “FAME ecosystem is an excellent opportunity for us to network with other experts in Finland, and to brainstorm and develop novel business possibilities together across many fields from semiconductor industry to medical technologies,” Mikko Leivo continues.

”Mectalent is a great addition to FAME ecosystem. They have long history with precision manufacturing across the industries from high technology solutions all the way to the medical applications, and AM is a natural continuation to expand the know-how of manufacturing possibilities,” says Eetu Holstein, Ecosystem Lead.

FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) is an industrial ecosystem that drives to increase the role of Additive Manufacturing in Finland and aims to unleash business potential in AM capabilities. FAME advances the education of additive manufacturing and raises Finland to the world’s leading countries in additive manufacturing utilization, sales and know-how. Currently there are 40 member organizations in the ecosystem.