Manufacturing Industry Synergy Summit Boosts Competitiveness through Collaborative Development

The Manufacturing Industry Synergy Summit is set to gather diverse companies in Vaasa February 7-8, all eager to leverage the power of collaboration for innovation. Hosted at Wärtsilä’s Sustainable Technology Hub, founded on co-creation principles, the event aims to address the challenges posed by a rapidly changing operating environment.

In a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – agility and flexibility are now essential for competitiveness. According to Giuseppe Saragò, Director of Manufacturing Excellence at Wärtsilä, achieving transformative success requires the involvement of SMEs and the sharing of foundations and technologies. The shift towards collaborative models, moving from ‘Siloed’ to ‘Extended’ enterprises, is crucial. This involves deep connections between customers, the supply chain, and local SMEs, fostering knowledge sharing.

Saragò adds, “The challenge for the future is to enable a networked ecosystem and common infrastructure for shared focus experimentation, reducing the time to competence and accelerating the growth of the entire industrial system in Finland.”

Showcases of joint activites

The summit will showcase joint activities through the MAC (Manufacturing Excellence Center) and the AM Campus (Additive Manufacturing Campus), both officially inaugurated during the event.

Christian Sundman, Innovation Manager and Tribe Lead at Wärtsilä, describes MAC as a physical platform for excellence, emphasizing collaboration with local companies, universities, and research centers. The center encourages the testing and co-implementation of solutions in smart manufacturing, promoting the sharing of foundational knowledge and lessons learned.

“All main smart manufacturing core technology areas, including flexible scalable manufacturing systems, Analytics and AI, Cybersec and IoT/sensors, as well as augmented and virtual reality, are physically represented in the MAC’s co-creation space. Join us to experience, ideate, and connect hubs,” Sundman invites.

At AM Campus, companies can utilize a 3D printer based on metal powder bed fusion technology (EOS M290), along with essential post-processing equipment. These are complemented by the first commercially available version of the Smart Fusion software in use in Finland, enabling the printing of complex shapes, among other features.

Key themes at AM Campus include openness and collaborative learning.

“It is exceptionally rare on a global scale that companies are willing to share successes and failures. This way, other companies don’t have to make the same mistakes again, and the adoption of 3D printing accelerates. Results and information are shared from a technological perspective. Otherwise, companies can choose the level of openness in sharing their activities. We already have a great group of companies involved, and we welcome new companies to join us,” says Sini Metsä-Kortelainen, the leader of AM Campus from DIMECC Ltd.

The event showcases high-quality components produced by Vilpe at AM Campus. A wide range of 3D-printed pieces from other manufacturing industry companies is also on display.

In addition, the summit offers opportunities for informal networking and an exclusive Danfoss factory visit, providing attendees with a hands-on experience of innovative manufacturing processes.

The Manufacturing Industry Synergy Summit is organized by the FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) in collaboration with the FAMN (Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network), in partnership with the Technology Industries of Finland and Wärtsilä.

The event is free and open for manufacturing companies (including program, food and bus transportation on Thursday morning. Hotels are no included). Places are limited and filled on order of registration. Please register using this link

Manufacturing Industry Synergy Summit

Time: 7.2 – 8.2.2024

Place: Vaasa, Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub