Industrialization of Finnish 3D printing on the shoulders of a millennial

Johannes Karjalainen, M.Sc. (Eng.), starts as Ecosystem Lead of the FAME ecosystem, which takes Finnish 3D printing to an international level. He has previously worked as Etteplan’s AM Specialist.

The main goal of FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) is to industrialize 3D printing in Finland and to significantly increase production and export volumes. The number of applications and users is going to be increased in the next few years by developing national engineering training and verifying sites where significant productivity jumps can be achieved using 3D printing. The ecosystem targets to double the growth rate of Finland’s international 3D printing market during the 2020s.
Johannes Karjalainen started in January 2021 as the FAME Ecosystem Lead. He has previously worked as Etteplan’s AM Specialist. Karjalainen found 3D printing during his studies in Tampere University. He acquired his own FDM printer and became enthusiastic about using 3D printing in his majors product design and production technology. Since then, Karjalainen, who started at Etteplan as a mechanical engineer, has focused on additive manufacturing.
“Three years ago, I started at Etteplan Additive Manufacturing unit as AM Specialist, and since then I have worked with additive manufacturing development projects as a project manager and the development of Etteplan’s AM unit”, Karjalainen says.

Top of 3D printing

“The experience of Johannes combined with youth and open mindset are a strength in this position. When he was born, rapid manufacturing began to be explored and studied. Now the matter has been studied all his life and it has been wondered whether this will become anything or not. In the technological development that has happened and the future digital green industry, we are seeing an infinite arc of growth like the growth of the Internet. Finland must now use this momentum to industrialize 3D printing, and Johannes is the right person to do it”, says Sakari Pasanen, Vice President of FAME from Patria.
In the ecosystem, companies join forces and share their experience, development resources, experimental costs and some of their equipment, and create an infrastructure for 3D printing that anyone involved in developing and expanding their business with this technology can connect to.
“It is a great honor to get to lead the ecosystem, which includes the top of Finnish 3D printing. I look forward to driving the development of 3D printing from an even broader perspective”, says Karjalainen.
Founded in September 2020, FAME’s founding members include leading 3D printing equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, design and printing experts, and machine builders turning their manufacturing technology to 3D printing. The FAME ecosystem is funded by member companies and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

FAME ecosystem members:
AirFaas, 3D Formtech, 3D-Step, Andritz, CITEC, DBE Core, Delva, Elomatic, EOS Finland, Etteplan, Huld, Lillbacka Powerco, MiniFactory, Nordic Industries, Origo Engineering, Patria, Raute, Salon Metalelektro, Valmet, Vossi, Wärtsilä

More information
Ecosystem Lead, Johannes Karjalainen, DIMECC Ltd, 040 549 0943
CEO Harri Kulmala, DIMECC Ltd., 040 840 6380,