Innovative pioneer VILPE joins FAME ecosystem

VILPE Oy is the leading producer of specialised roofing and ventilation products in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia. The Finnish family company has for over 45 years designed and manufactured solutions which promote responsible construction and building maintenance. VILPE is an innovative pioneer on the construction market and many of its innovations have become the industry standard over the years.

VILPE joins FAME ecosystem to scale-up the utilization of 3D printing in all business areas.  The company sees that 3D printed products provide extra value to their customers. 3D printed parts also help to increase the performance, quality, and efficiency of the existing production.

“We are enthusiastic to have a company with such pioneering spirit as a partner in FAME. VILPE fits perfectly in the ecosystem, which brings together leading equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, design and printing experts, and machine builders who turn their manufacturing technology towards 3D printing,” says Ecosystem Lead Johannes Karjalainen.