Industrial solution provider Tamspark Oy joins FAME Ecosystem

Tamspark Oy, a Finnish industrial equipment supplier founded in 2007, has joined FAME Ecosystem. The company is a retailer of for example 3D printers from 3D Systems, machining centers, EDM and WEDM machines of the Swiss company GF Machining Solutions. Tamspark also delivers automation and full transfer solutions for the metal industry. GF is manufacturer of 3D Systems bigger size DMP metal printers on Switzerland.

In 3D printers, the company offers both metal and polymer solutions from several manufacturers for proto-production, small series production and large production lots. Tamspark’s expertise covers the entire process, from 3D scanners to polishing the metal piece and post-processing of plastic prints, including the important software that links the whole together.

“It is great to join Fame. I believe we bring wide knowledge to 3D printing industry because we are looking for solutions from a complete manufacturing process direction, not only from 3D printing. Our way to approach customer needs is more from the integration of 3D printing to existing and known manufacturing chains”, says Jussi Tammisalo, CEO of Tamspark.

“It is important to have Tamspark as a part of FAME’s growth, as it represents strong expertise in 3D printing equipment in different technologies and materials. An additional advantage is that the company can offer expertise in hybrid manufacturing”, says Ecosystem Lead Eetu Holstein.

In addition to machine sales, customer training, maintenance services and spare parts service are an important part of Tamspark’s expertise and operations. It also offers production of customer-specific samples with own demo machines.