Fenno3D joins FAME Ecosystem

Fenno3D is a company that specializes in additive manufacturing solutions. With their competence in the field, the company offers a wide range of products and services to businesses aiming to drive innovation and achieve their goals through 3D printing. Fenno3D provides professional knowledge and support to help customers confidently explore the world of additive manufacturing and unlock new possibilities for their projects.
“At Fenno3D, we are excited about our membership in the FAME ecosystem. FAME is a valuable collaborative tool that is poised to become a reference for many countries. It presents a great opportunity for us to connect the dots between different actors and their needs, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the Finnish additive manufacturing scene,” says Erik Pekkola, Founder of Fenno3D.
Fenno3D’s consulting portfolio encompasses a wide range of services, starting from Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) to 3D printing simulation. The company also offers topology optimization services if required. In the realm of metal additive manufacturing, their primary focus is on commercializing Meltio’s metal wire laser 3D printing solutions.
“We are eager to initiate new collaborations with research institutions and companies, that are seeking to embrace metal additive manufacturing into their R&D or manufacturing processes,” says Pekkola.
”Fenno3D strengthens further the already wide range of machine supplier network of FAME Ecosystem. They bring completely new technology knowhow in FAME with Meltio’s metal wire laser 3D printing solution, which is an interesting technology indeed. We are happy to welcome Fenno3D into FAME network,” says Ecosystem Lead Eetu Holstein.