Delva Case: How to print low-angle parts without the support structure

Huld’s AM team faced limitations with a customer spare part having thin blades with low build angles. These blades were 2 mm thick with build angles as low as 13°, and these angles were present in multiple directions. This case also initiated a development project with Delva – to print low-angle parts without the support structure. Delva had overcome this challenge in many customer cases, both in spares and in new components, but an angle this low required special forces. Therefore, a development project was initiated at EOS to find the proper process parameters to build low angles in different directions successfully. As a result, EOS solved the issues with the low angle by optimising process parameters and implementing innovative exposure strategies. Together, EOS, Huld, and Delva make these structures available in Finland. Read more about the case at Delva web page.