Elomatic blog: 3D printing is one solution to component shortage

3D printing can reform entire business when products and spare parts are printed fast and near the user.

When you can print objects easily and take the product lifecycle into account from the design stage, your entire business will revolutionize – All of a sudden, you can manufacture locally the parts that used to be transported from further away. Additionally, the maintenance and delivery of spare parts becomes faster, and they can even be carried out on site. And this will naturally affect your whole business logic.

3D printing gives you the freedom to determine the exact location of the material used. This saves material compared to machining or casting and also makes it possible to combine multiple parts into a single object. This reduces the need for assembly and the number of items.

With 3D printing, it is possible to manufacture even more challenging objects. For example, you can create holes and channels inside an object that cannot be made by drilling or casting.

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