AMEXCI joins FAME ecosystem

AMEXCI AB, an additive manufacturing organisation founded by 12 Nordic based industrial players joins FAME ecosystem.

Together with its customers, AMEXCI develops a new generation of products, where Additive Manufacturing (AM a.k.a. Industrial 3D-Printing) acts as an enabler for higher competitiveness and more sustainable production. In addition, AMEXCI offers expertise in how to build successful business cases and at its lab in Karlskoga, Sweden, AMEXCI has the capability to design, produce and qualify components for the most challenging of applications. AMEXCI is a joint venture company between ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, FAM, Husqvarna, Höganäs, Saab, Scania, SKF, Stora Enso, and Wärtsilä.

“We are pleased with having this opportunity to work more closely with our Nordic owners and customers. Moreover, we are looking forward to strengthening our team with new colleagues in Finland and discovering more possibilities within the field of Additive Manufacturing. It is important to point out that this is a long-term effort, where we are aiming to create an expanding business, that will contribute to bringing new innovations to the market.” says Edvin Resebo, CEO at AMEXCI AB.

AMEXCI is founding a subsidiary in Finland, and it works closely with its Finnish shareholders, such as Wärtsilä and Stora Enso, to provide them with support in utilizing 3D printing technologies within their operations, while helping them improve their competitiveness and environmental responsibility on the global market.

“It’s great that AMEXCI joins the FAME ecosystem. The role of 3D printing will grow significantly in the next few years in both the Finnish and Swedish industry, and our cooperation will support this major change,” says Ecosystem Lead Johannes Karjalainen.