AMCampus 2.0 Event Series helps companies to adopt additive manufacturing

The AM Campus 2.0 Event Series aims at increasing the understanding and knowledge of additive manufacturing in companies. The Event Series is organized by Wärtsilä, DIMECC and Merinova Technology Centre and it focuses on practical training. The instruction is given by the experts of the University of Vaasa and the companies of FAME Ecosystem.

“This series of events improves the know-how of additive manufacturing in companies. We hope that the events offer an easy way to train the key players in the company to adopt the main features of additive manufacturing, so that they can start utilizing it in practice. The training needs no prior experience of additive manufacturing, but the participants get the latest know-how of what is being done right now in the companies in Finland”, says Dr. Rayko Toshev from Merinova.

The series starts October 6th with the event “AM Workshop from theory to practice: Learn the tools to challenge your old manufacturing methods and identify your first AM use case”. The training covers best industry examples of various components, instructor-led workshop for 3D printing data preparation and business case evaluation and STH 3D lab hands on printer experience featuring machines comparison, process monitoring and maintenance best practices.

The series takes place at Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa.

“The more the companies in Finland start using additive manufacturing in their production or processes, the faster the whole industrial chains develop. We at Wärtsilä are happy to give our share in making this development happen, and this will also accelerate Wärtsilä’s growth through new high-competence supply-chain opportunities”, says Juho Raukola from Wärtsilä.

The AMCampus 2.0 Event Series consists of three parts, which are FREE for participants, and it takes place during autumn 2022.

The AMCampus 2.0 Event Series event number 1 “AM Workshop from theory to practice: Learn the tools to challenge your old manufacturing methods and identify your first AM use case”

Location: Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub (Reininkatu 3, 65170 Vaasa)

Date and time: 6 Oct. 2022 at 9 AM-5 PM

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Dr. Rayko Toshev, +358408485994

Ecosystem Lead Markus Korpela, +358 40 840 5660

Ecosystem Lead Eetu Holstein, +358 40 840 8660

AM Campus 2.0 is a concept where Finnish industrial companies can conduct experiments and research in the field of 3D printing in shared spaces. AM Campus 2.0 is physically located in the premises of Wärtsilä’s Sustainable Technology Hub at Vaasa, where a modern metal 3D printer based on powder bed fusion technology will be purchased. Companies can operate this printer with the help of an operator for a membership fee, allowing the company’s engineers to become familiar with the technology.