The mission of the Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem is clear:

  1. FAME will increase private investment in co-creation, co-utilisation of shared facilities and infrastructures, as well as reduction/replacement of material waste.
  2. FAME will set up a full-scale and easy-to-access ecosystem, that forms a critical mass on AM knowledge and expertise and a hub for foreign investment in Finland, and a full-service AM offering of Finnish know-how that can be exported.
  3. FAME focuses on the industrial and civil use and applications of AM. AM is a key candidate for industrial co-operation related to Finland’s HX project. Within the military context, where Patria coordinates the co-operation, the aim is to build and secure domestic design and manufacturing capability for critical components, and to gain knowledge about related materials and their properties. FAME will, however, operate in close co-operation with the military applications when it comes to the dual-use of tools, materials, and technologies. This enables Finnish companies to benefit from opportunities, that are opened also in the military side.


Key targets

The key targets of the Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem are:

Bridging the gap towards becoming an internationally recognised AM knowledge and expertise hub – FAME bridges the relative AM technology competence and utilisation gap that exists in 2020 between Finland and other western industrial countries. By 2030, Finland is listed among the Top-20 AM innovators globally. FAME connects Finland and Finland-based actors to the other global top-notch AM hubs. In 2030, global studies will mention Finland as one of the world’s leading AM and 3D-printing hubs, specialising in manufacturing industries. Every year, several excursions and industrial visits take place from other countries to Finland to learn from and with us.

Continuous and sustainable paradigm shift in product design – FAME influences and impacts the mindsets of future generations of the Finnish product designers so that AM technologies are considered and reviewed in every product design and production method selection phase. This requires and includes paradigm change in all levels of teaching, education, and skills development. The prevailing paradigm in product design by 2030 is to consider AM and 3D-printing as the first alternative. This paradigm shift will lead to significant savings of CO2 emissions, increased circulation of materials, and minimised materials logistics.

Jobs & Growth – FAME increases and speeds up private sector investments, export, and operational volumes in AM-based technologies. By 2030, the size of the Finnish AM business is significantly larger than in 2020, both in terms of number of companies and employees as well as revenue, exports and profits. In 2030, the share of the Finnish AM market is about 5% of the total global AM market.

Open platform – FAME forms an open, digitally and physically active platform for collaborative sharing of experiences, knowledge, competencies, and capacity related to development and deployment of AM. By 2030, there are several test-before-invest -sites all over Finland with low cost and with low or no entry barriers. FAME co-educates Finnish OEMs and service providers and encourages them to change their manufacturing systems and to fully integrate 3D-printing tools and equipment to their manufacturing systems and processes. The actors in FAME will also create together a systemic offering portfolio and jointly sell its outcomes with reduced cost.