Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem (FAME) is innovative industrial ecosystem that will increase the role of 3D printing and bring together Finnish players in the additive manufacturing field.

Opportunities for Finland

Finland has positioned itself as a highly educated, high-tech country with stable infrastructure, we struggle to compete in traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industry. These qualities, however, highly support an initiative to position us as a forerunner in the field of AM. By its nature, AM is high value adding manufacturing method, which is based on highly skilled workforce and high level of automation. In the future, Artificial Intelligence will also play a major role both in design and in manufacturing, which complements the existing Finnish expertise. There are already AI applications supporting quality assurance in AM process and Finnish research facilities and companies could provide their input to this development.

All these attributes support the idea of Finland being one of the leading AM hubs in the world. Our seemingly remote location is not an obstacle thanks to high value per kg ratio in AM parts, unlike traditional low value adding production in which the cost of logistics is significant.

The role of Finnish actors in realising the potential

The focus in the FAME is to increase the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies in the Finnish machine manufacturing industry. The actors in the FAME ecosystem believe that they can significantly contribute to the global, AM designed and manufactured product and production system market.

The traditional strengths of the Finnish actors – i.e. high mutual trust and low barriers to collaboration – will be utilised to create an ecosystem that supports development and acquisition of new system level skills, knowledge, and competences. The actors will also create together a systemic offering portfolio, and help the Finnish society benefit from the opportunities available through higher use rate of AM. The actors will openly share experiences, information, data as well as physical equipment and facilities – forming a co-innovation platform that is open to all those, who invest in AM in Finland.