Aalto University joins FAME Ecosystem

Aalto University joins FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem). It has been a pioneer in Additive Manufacturing since 1992.

“It is great that Finnish companies have started taking additive manufacturing seriously. We have a long history in research and company cooperation in this area and have recently ramped up more and more additive manufacturing related education,” says Mika Salmi, Assistant Professor and program director of the EIT Manufacturing Master program – Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility.

Current Materials to Products research group and ADDLAB – Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory continue Aalto University’s long AM tradition; they have a team of dedicated researchers with over 100 years of Combined AM Experience, including more than five professors. ADDLAB has all 7 ISO/ASTM standard categories of additive manufacturing in-house.

Current research includes additive manufacturing technology, developing and processing different materials, material modeling, quality, sustainability, 4D printing, multi-materials, and design for AM. Examples of research topics are 3D printing optics, medical applications, intelligent parts, and spare parts.

Aalto teaches AM heavily in local programs and the international EIT Manufacturing Master program – Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility. Over a hundred students are exposed to AM manufacturing in theory and practice every year. Aalto is organizing Practical 3D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Design for Additive Manufacturing courses for university students.

“We are delighted to have the expertise of Aalto University available for cooperation with companies within FAME. There is still a great deal of important research to be done in the field of AM in order to help its industrial use, and Aalto is an important factor in this,” says Senior Ecosystem Lead Sini Metsä-Kortelainen.