FAME is a platform for cooperation

Disruptive Renewal Officer Antti Karjaluoto from Intelligent Industry ecosystem and Ecosystem Lead Johannes Karjalainen from FAME ecosystem help companies reach their goals faster and with less costs and risks. Photo Eino Ansio

FAME_Kasvu_3D printing volumes have grown 20 percent per year and it is going to grow even more. This is why FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) exists.

“The ecosystem brings companies together to develop their skills. FAME is a platform for cooperation for learning
3D printing, creating shared infrastructure or launch of RDI projects”, states ecosystem lead Johannes Karjalainen.

Read more about the benefits of ecosystems in the Helsingin Sanomat Growth publication (in Finnish) “Ekosysteemit synnyttävät teknologista edelläkävijyyttä“.